Decor Systems, an established player in the architectural acoustic solutions industry with over 50 years of experience, is dedicated to helping architects create spaces that balance aesthetics with acoustic performance. Their expertise in crafting bespoke acoustic solutions has contributed to the creation of architecturally elegant and acoustically exceptional environments on a global scale. Decor Systems approached VirrgoTech to enhance their digital presence and elevate their brand to new heights.


Decor Systems sought VirrgoTech’s expertise in branding, website design, and digital marketing to showcase their extensive industry experience and innovative solutions. With a commitment to minimalism and a passion for delivering exceptional user experiences, Decor Systems needed a website that reflected their brand identity. Additionally, they wanted to expand their reach through comprehensive digital advertising campaigns across various platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Our Strategy

VirrgoTech embarked on a journey to transform Decor Systems’ digital landscape. The project unfolded in two major phases:

  • Website Redesign: We undertook the task of revamping Decor Systems’ website to encapsulate their rich brand persona. Adhering to a minimalistic approach, our design team carefully curated a digital solution that seamlessly integrated with the essence of Decor Systems. The result was a website that not only represented their architectural elegance but also provided users with a rich and intuitive experience.
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns: In collaboration with Decor Systems, we strategized, executed, and managed paid advertising campaigns across various digital platforms. Our comprehensive approach covered Google Search, Google Display Networks, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Through strategic ad placement and compelling content, we aimed to expand Decor Systems’ reach to a broader audience interested in architectural acoustic solutions.

The Results

Our collaboration with Decor Systems yielded exceptional outcomes:

  • Redesigned Website: The new website now aligns perfectly with Decor Systems’ rich brand persona, offering a seamless and engaging user experience.
  • Enhanced Brand Presence: Decor Systems’ digital presence received a significant boost, showcasing their architectural elegance and acoustic expertise.
  • Digital Advertising Success: Our multi-platform advertising campaigns garnered impressive results, enhancing Decor Systems’ visibility and engagement across various digital channels.
  • Increased Brand Reach by 800%: Our digital marketing campaigns expanded Decor Systems’ brand visibility, reaching eight times more potential customers.
  • Increased Engagement Rate by 67%: We improved audience interaction and interest by 67%, with more likes, shares, comments, and actions on their content.
  • Improved Conversion Rate by 45%: By enhancing ad content and landing pages, we increased the rate at which website visitors converted into customers by 45%, boosting Decor Systems’ business growth.

Rebecca Fox

Head of Communications & Culture

We are delighted with VirrgoTech’s work. Their approach to design and digital marketing has truly elevated our brand. Our website now reflects our architectural elegance, and the advertising campaigns have expanded our reach significantly. Overall, it has been a fantastic experience working with VirrgoTech.

As VirrgoTech continues its collaboration with Decor Systems, our commitment to shaping their online success remains unwavering. We look forward to achieving even greater milestones together, propelling Decor Systems to new heights in the realm of architectural acoustic solutions. The journey toward digital excellence continues!

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