Words That Stand Out and open new doors for your business.


Language matters. The way you craft something does one of two things to your audience: either it pulls them in or pushes them away. If the language is muddy, your audience will be quick to say “No, thank you!” If the language is clear, uncluttered, and graceful, the audience will listen and take an objective look at what you have to offer. At VirrgoTech, our writers help you achieve just that. They understand the art of crafting immersive stories that sell. They also understand how to do their homework and drill deeper into what matters to the process the most: knowing what your business is, who your customers are, where your competitors stand, and how other market conditions play out. Combining insights with the real craft, we produce what can truly be called ‘top-notch’ content.

Copywriting Process



At the planning stage, we receive a project brief, go through the requirements, request for any missing data, do our preliminary research, and schedule the work for final delivery.



The content development stage is when our writers get down to the real business. They look at every piece as an opportunity to perfect their craft and write with their hearts and minds open.



Our writers are looking for clean, clear, and crisp results, as do our clients. The "review-revise-and review again" process helps them cut sentences to their cleanest components without losing the essence of the copy. It works wonders.



Clients' feedback matters. We don't call anything final until we hear our clients say "it's final and we are happy with it." We care about client satisfaction more than we do about the money we earn from them.

Copywriting Services

We cover a wide range of copywriting services that are focused on branding, advertising, SEO, and marketing communications needs of growing organizations across the world. Depending on a client’s content requirements, we assign writers who are the experts in their respective fields.

Blogs & Articles

We can work on your specified ideas or do our own research to come up with engaging topics for blog posts and articles. Our goal is to create maximum awareness and improve your brand image online.

Web Copy

Web copy is your brand voice on the internet. Just by looking at the way your copy reads, people can judge who you are as a brand. We ensure your web copy creates the right impression.


Ebooks are the opportunity you don’t want to factor out of you marketing strategy. They help attract targeted leads, grow your email lists, establish your authority, and improve your content marketing strategy.

White Papers

Through white papers, we help establish your brand’s authority in its respective niche. From mapping out a strategy to developing the copy and designing an engaging layout, we collaborate with you every step of the way.

Product Descriptions

We have writers with diverse industry backgrounds who are ready to serve any industry. They know how to write SEO optimized descriptions that, at the same time, inspire action and drive sales.


A well-crafted brochure does more than just introduce your brand — it helps it get sold. We combine great copy with compelling designs to create brochures that appeal both to the eyes and minds of your audience.

Case Studies

Converting success stories into compelling case studies is an art in and of itself. Our writing gurus are great storytellers who know how to repurpose content and convert raw data into meaningful and engaging case studies.

Social Media Content

To boost your digital PR and get your brand story across to the right audience in the right manner, you need professional social media marketers and writers. Our team can help you map out a holistic strategy for social channels.

Video Scripts

At the core of every engaging video is an engaging script. Without the right script, you can’t have a killer marketing video. Whether it’s a webinar, TV commercial, corporate video, or explainer video, we can team up to make your video script shine.

Advertising Copy

You can’t hope for a better return on your marketing investment when your ad copy sucks. We know how to make your ad stand out using headlines and descriptions that reflect the true power of words.

SEO Writing

To write for digitally transformed consumers is to write with an SEO mindset. Our writers know how to craft content that not only helps drive conversions but also improve your website rankings on search engines.


Our professional editorial team is there to help you edit/proofread white papers, reports, eBooks, manuals, articles, PRs, and any other form of marketing materials with lightning-fast turnarounds.