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Great designs are more than just attractive graphics. They are solution-oriented, human-centered, and goal-driven at the core. Our design and development philosophy revolves around robust and reliable solutions that provide users with immersive brand experiences. Your website and mobile application are the natural extensions of your brand’s story. The way they are designed and developed sets the tone for how users will perceive you as a brand in the online realm. Great designs combined with storytelling and a human-centered approach ultimately achieve user engagement and drive sales. Bad designs combined with suboptimal experience and functional loopholes do exactly the opposite — they drive users away from your brand and give your competitors a chance to pick up the slack.

Design & Dev Philosophy

Our design and development philosophy is simple: it needs to stand the test of time. Whether it’s the functional elements, brand aesthetics, SEO factors, or user experience metrics, we factor in everything from planning to the execution stage. Ultimately, we want to help companies make the most of their digital properties to drive sales, improve customer experience, and grow in the online space. Clearly, our process is goal-oriented and we don’t put shiny designs ahead of the bottom line.

UI/UX Design

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are two of the key components of designs that work closely together and are crucial to a product’s overall success. Where UX Design is more concerned with analyzing user needs, expectations, and behavioral flow, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design. At VirrgoTech, our approach to UX/UI designs is directly tied to the business goals of our clients. We create websites and applications that translate into better brand images, improved customer experiences, and increased sales. Here’s our process at a glance.


The very initial phase where we define goals and personas, create storyboards and customer journey maps, and prototype the key deliverables for UX/UI design.


In the design phase, we design images, create wire-frames, mock-ups and prototypes, and define color scheme, style guide, visual look, as well as other UX guidelines.


The development phase is when we implement our envisioned UX/UI functionality. This is also when we perform usability tests, review metrics, and take appropriate actions.

Web & App Development

Taking all the aspects of our customers’ businesses into consideration, we develop websites and business applications that function exactly as they are needed to. From ideation to implementation, our process depends on a collaborative approach where we make the client a necessary part of the project. Through our distinct approach, we are able to develop business-driven, user-focused, and sophisticated solutions (websites, mobile apps, web apps, and hybrid apps) that use the full capabilities of technology.

Post Launch

Unlike other agencies, our services don’t cease after you pay the bill. In fact, we have post-launch plans in place that allow us to maintain an effective support and management relationship with our clients. Ensuring your satisfaction and maintaining the integrity of your product after it’s launched is part of our key responsibility.

We ensure that there are no glitches or disruptions after a website/application goes live. This includes a complete health check for various elements like links and URLs, buttons, forms, content placements, and other UX/UI elements.

We integrate Google Analytics, set up your Google Search Console, connect your site with social media profiles, set up your Google My Business profile and do all the other necessary tasks to get your online business up and running.

We provide a well-rounded marketing plan to help your website get ranked on Google (and other search engines), improve its visibility on social media platforms, and create brand awareness using paid and affiliate marketing programs.

Let’s craft your digital vision into reality.

Elevate Your Vision with VirrgoTech. Tell us about your project requirements, whether it’s digital marketing, corporate branding, design and development, or any other venture. We’re here to turn your ideas into remarkable realities.

“Fantastic communication, great to work with, reliable, and quick to respond. Delivered great results month over month, and did a fantastic job of generating massive return for our business. We would work with them again in a heartbeat.”
Mory Katan: Chief Technology Officer, LiLi Tiles
“VirrgoTech has been consulting us in our SEM strategy for a few months now, and their deep expertise in the platform has helped us a lot in strategically developing our campaigns. Really enjoy working with them.”
Kasper Baars, Founder
“The team at VirrgoTech delivers high-quality work. Their design expertise is also noteworthy. Overall, amazing experience!”-
Martin Klenk: Chief Technology Officer, Celonis
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Sustain Your Success

Every project we launch is usually followed by a rock-solid follow-up strategy. Starting with A/B testing, feedback collection, and analytics setup, we expand the scope of these activities to cover a wide range of SEO, branding, advertising, and PR initiatives. The overarching goal of all our activities is simple: we want to help brands become proactive and grow in the age of digital transformation.

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