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unique, authentic, and memorable.

In the noisy world we live in today, branding has never been more important. The online space is cluttered with offerings and your customers can remember only so much. Your brand needs a strategy to help it break through this clutter and stand out. Branding is your way to communicate what it is you actually stand for as a brand. It begins with understanding who your audience is, what they care about the most, and where your brand fits in the picture. From content to visuals to defining the way your customers should experience the brand, VirrgoTech helps businesses implement branding that’s strategically on point and refined down to the last detail.

  • Branding Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Naming & Tagline
  • Brand Collateral

Strong, authentic, and recognizable brands are no accidents — they are the result of a thoughtful, focused, and well-executed branding strategy.

In a digital age where marketers and brand managers have to deal with a slew of channels, websites, apps, APIs, and SDKs,  branding has never been more difficult. You can no longer depend on crafting a compelling message, hand it to a few magazine publishers, and call it a day. To be successful at branding in today’s digital era, you have to start building immersive experiences for online consumers across different channels and platforms. This requires a whole new range of skills and capabilities that brands often struggle to acquire.

How to foster authentic connections in an environment where your audience is bombarded with daily offers, enticing promises, unstoppable ads, and distractful notifications? It has to begin with humans who are at the heart of a successful branding strategy.  In an audience-centric era, building the right identity for your brand must not, therefore, factor the human element out of the equation. No matter the changing touchpoints, platforms, and trends, humans are still your North Star and human experience should remain a foundational component of your branding strategy. 

VirrgoTech's branding strategy is built around delivering that experience. We not only help companies achieve strategic clarity for their brands but also work hand-in-hand with them to leverage a customer-focused approach to deliver great brand experiences — while staying true to their brand’s mission, vision, objectives, personality, and values.

People understand visuals more easily than they do texts. Beginning with logo, your corporate visuals could be an effective source of how your brand story is communicated.

Every color, every shape, every typeface, and every line you choose can either help your brand get closer to the impression it wants to create or move away from it. Strategically crafted corporate visuals are the beginning steps of how you can develop a visual identity unique to your own brand. Taken wrong, these beginning steps could lead your brand to a visual mediocrity where it either remains unnoticed and is brutally ignored by your audience.

At VirrgoTech, our cross-disciplinary designers, product engineers, copywriters, and brand management gurus come together to craft logos and other corporate visuals that truly reflect the desired branding goals of our clients. We drill deep into their brand stories and apply that understanding to craft visual identities that create a clear, consistent, and positive brand image.

Collaboration is the essence of our process. Our staged approach to logo design, for example, requires our clients to share their feedback on the typeface and shape, before we could try out a range of color possibilities. We never shy away from making bold experiments and curating a range of designs and visual inspirations. We take your input at every step of the process and refine our options to gradually close in on what you feel is the ultimate winner for your brand.

Names and taglines are where your brand identity begins to materialize. Although the essence of what gives your brand its true identity is its differentiating value, the name and tagline come with an evocative power that supplements that value.

Naming and tagline work in a branding context just as they do in a human life context. We associate names with people whose characteristics, qualities, merits, and demerits are unique to themselves. A name of a person we know is, therefore, more than just a name to us. It's also the feelings and emotions we experience every time our eyes see, our ears hear, and our mind remembers that name.

The same rule appears to apply in branding. You choose a name and a tagline for your brand so that your customers can associate them with what your brand stands for at the core. However, the caveat about choosing a functional, memorable, and evocative name or tagline is that they are not always easily found. Besides a few eureka moments, you always have to depend on a deliberative process to brainstorm for ideas, figure out creative options, and arrive at a name and tagline you truly want to own. 

At VirrgoTech, our job is to help you find a name and a tagline that are relevant, unique, memorable, and reflective of what your brand stands for. We stake out naming and tagline territories and work with our customers to define a framework within which to evaluate a range of options for their new brands. We also do our due diligence to have some of the key theoretical aspects of the process covered. For example, the length, spelling, and ease of pronunciation of a brand name; its acceptability in other languages and cultures; its domain availability and trademarking options, etc. We do this whole drill to ensure that you don't fall in love with an option you ultimately can't have.

Having a good logo or even designing a new website are only the beginning. To run a business with your brand image intact requires a gradual shift of focus from the essential few to the important many.

You might now need a business card, a letterhead, a new office door sign, a new packaging design, or some marketing materials that need to be consistent with your brand’s personality, image, and tone of voice. In other words, once your brand is built out, it's time you embraced a visual transformation and let the power of design do its magic across all platforms and touch points where branding opportunities are available.

At VirrgoTech, we equally believe in creating both amazing brands and amazing brand collateral — and do so with a strategy. Our exceptional design skills, coupled with unmatched strategic agility, allow us to identify branding opportunities and align our efforts to create brand collateral that support the marketing and branding objectives of our clients.

Looking for a new identity? We would love to help.

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