At VirrgoTech, our passion lies in the art of transforming abstract visions into dynamic and compelling brand identities. Our latest venture with Zator Media serves as a vivid showcase of our unwavering commitment to excellence in brand development. This collaboration encapsulates our dedication to crafting narratives that transcend the ordinary, setting the stage for brands to leave an indelible mark.


Upon Zator Media’s doorstep, we encountered the challenge of sculpting a brand that not only navigates the bustling landscape of the media and entertainment industry but also deeply resonates with its intended audience. Our task was not just about aesthetics; it was about distilling innovation into a visual language.

Our Strategy

Branding Naming

The inception of Zator Media began with a nuanced exploration of brand names. The culmination? ‘Zator Media’—a name that seamlessly merges modernity with an enigmatic allure.

Logo Design

Our journey unfolded with the creation of a minimalistic logo, where each line and curve aimed to encapsulate the very essence of Zator Media. The result: a symbol that not only speaks but sings the brand’s identity.

Branding Elements

Beyond aesthetics, we meticulously defined key elements—a captivating color scheme and typography—creating a harmonious brand symphony. The overarching theme? Minimalism, portraying sophistication and timeless relevance.

Website Design and Development

To give them a headstart, we crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website. More than an online presence, it became a virtual canvas, immersing visitors in the Zator Media experience.

Additional Collaterals

Our commitment extended beyond the digital realm. Tangible branding essentials—crafted business cards, professional letterheads, and eye-catching envelopes—became the bridge between the virtual and physical, ensuring a holistic brand experience.

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The Results

A Distinct Brand Identity
The metamorphosis was complete. Zator Media emerged with an identity that echoes in minds—a distinct and memorable brand. The minimalistic logo and chosen branding elements reverberate with the brand’s pledge to innovation.
Engaging Online Presence
The website we birthed isn’t just a digital storefront; it’s an immersive journey. Seamlessly aligning with Zator Media’s aesthetics, it provides a stage for their offerings to shine.
Tangible Branding Collaterals
In the palpable realm, professionally designed business cards, letterheads, and envelopes became ambassadors of the Zator Media brand, forging connections beyond the digital divide.

Eric Kim

Chief Consultant

VirrgoTech provides the best service for an incredibly competitive price. I was thoroughly pleased as someone who is not a web expert that the team was able to not only build out the complete design of my website but consult me to make sure my business’s rebranding was in a great place. This was an incredible collaboration and I cannot wait to work with the team again for my marketing clients.

Beyond a singular project, our collaboration with Zator Media is an ongoing narrative. The success of this partnership is not just a testament to our skills — it’s a testament to the enduring story we’re weaving together. VirrgoTech’s commitment to understanding and elevating our client’s vision is an ongoing promise and we’ll continue co-creating experiences that will make a real difference in the lives of our customers.

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