How Website Design Affects User Experience: 5 Important Points


Website design is one of the most significant aspects of the online world today. No viable business can hope to survive and grow in this competitive market without having a good website. In this blog, we’ll discuss 5 important points to increase user experience. 

But before we dive in, let’s quickly settle on what a good website really is. 

A good website will have the following merits: 

  • It fulfills its purpose. For example, if a website is designed just for informational purposes, everything should be on point and accurate. The user must find something valuable while surfing through it. On the other hand, if it’s a business website that provides different services, it should be holistic and give every bit of detail regarding all the services. 
  • Users must find it easy to navigate and experience seamless interaction with every element on the website. 
  • It should be SEO-optimized, responsive, error-free, and the list goes on. 

All these things contribute greatly to a good user experience. In the end, what matters is the Customer Experience. Whenever a visitor comes, they prefer to have a long stay on the website.

What is User Experience and Its Importance?

There are a lot of things that one can do to make user satisfaction better on the website. Before discussing all those points, we’ll see what ‘’User Experience’’ is and to what extent it is important.

User Experience (aka UX) solely describes how an individual interacts with different elements of a website. It includes the choice of color combinations, pictures, videos, text, font style, and font size. Additionally, clear representation of objects, easy navigation to different website pages, and placement of tools are also highly considerable things. 

Hence, we can say that the website is exceptionally attractive, and follows the rules of User-Centric Design. These factors decide the long-term success of any business. 

Importance of User Experience

You might be familiar with this aspect that more and more people are now starting their online businesses. As a result, the competition is increasing at an extensive rate. To compete well in this industry, enhancing the experience of the user is the first and foremost priority. 

User experience helps seek necessary user demands in the most simple, quick, and effective manner. Clearly saying, neglecting this thing will eliminate you from the ever-growing competition. Considering the importance of user response and experience, it helps you track the habits of the visitors on your site. This will help in covering the gaps and enhancing the site performance accordingly. 

Now that we have highlighted the importance of customer experience on a website. Next up, we’ll be discussing some important points about how you can improve it.

5 Important Points to Improve User Experience

The following are 5 important points that must be kept in mind. This will help you meet all the requirements of the user and provide a well-organized and functional site.

Focus on Accessibility and Appearance

You might not know but there’s a strong connection between your site’s accessibility and customer experience. Imagine a person coming to your site and it is either not accessible or has a very low loading speed. She might wait for the first time but the second time she will ultimately lose her patience and will move to the next website. 

What will happen in this scenario? It is evident that you will start losing your potential customers and that will be the first step towards your decline. So make your website accessible and fast-loading.

The second important thing is the appearance of the website. In this case, the Homepage of your website plays a pivotal role. Let’s understand this with an example.

If the homepage of your website is;

  • Not attention-grabbing 
  • Text is unclear
  • Sections are cluttered
  • The visuals are not bright and of good quality

The visitor will feel uneasy and will leave the site in seconds. 

So appearance matters a lot and making it appealing will boost user experience. Make sure your website has all the amazing things including responsive design, seamless navigation and scrolling, eye-catching graphics, logical content architecture,  and other elements.

Make Your Website Functional and User-friendly

The functionality of the website is another influential aspect of deciding user experience. The functionality of the website can be defined as the ability of the site to complete user demand and goals to the best extent. 

Additionally, the site should be user-friendly. It’s important that the user feels at home while visiting the website. Everything should be coherent and crystal-clear. The functionality and usability can be increased by focusing on the following points: 

  1. Flawless structure and easy site navigation
  2. Simple and understandable interface
  3. Negative space for a minimalistic feel

Connect with Your Audience

Connecting to your audience in the right way magnifies the customer experience and also helps build a true brand identity. Many brands and businesses fall apart just because they are unable to connect and interact with their customers. Not understanding the needs of the users will downgrade the user experience.

To connect with the audience, relevant content, use of multimedia, creative tools, and engaging resources are very useful. This will make your customers happy and they will keep coming to your website and experience amazing digital customer experience.

Provide a Sense of Trust, Authenticity, and Professionalism

Building trust in the minds of users is a key to a brand’s success. If you successfully gain the trust of the users, you will see that they start spending a good time on your website. Assure all your users that if they are providing any kind of information, it’s fully secured. In case you own a brand, you will get more and more conversions and sales. All these are the signals of a good user experience on any given website. 

Provide them a sense of authenticity, whether you are delivering them any service or just a piece of information. As far as possible, make everything, precise, authentic, and well-organized.

It doesn’t hurt if you try to play professional and keep everything nice and tidy! To do so: 

  1. Be specific and organized
  2. Make it actionable
  3. Provide feedback and be original

According to a survey, a user stays for approximately 10 seconds on a website. If he finds nothing relevant, attractive, or informational, he will switch to another site. Hence, the first 10 seconds are highly crucial. 

Create Useful Content and High-quality Visuals

The importance of useful content and high-quality visuals can never be neglected to achieve a good user experience on a website. Imagine they aren’t getting the best quality content. All the visuals including banners, images, and videos are blurred and they won’t load or take too much time. 

All the above-mentioned things are pointing towards a negative user experience. 

To build more on this, you can follow the KISS Principle, ‘’Keep It Simple, Stupid’’.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, user experience is one significant thing deciding the identity and overall success of a business. In this case, a website design can never be trivialized.  

A good website design must have all the appealing characteristics like good content, good layout, better user experience, better information architecture, effective call to actions, and more useful resources for the end users.

The five above-mentioned points are very important because they help improve website design, website performance, and ultimately overall user interaction. 

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