What is Local SEO? Its Importance and Benefits


SEO is a technique of optimizing a website to rank higher in search results. While Local SEO is for optimizing a website for local searches. 

A decade ago, it was quite difficult for local businesses to stand out and compete in this vast arena called the Internet dominated by multinational brands. But now the game is changing. In 2014, Google Pigeon update revolutionized search results based on two parameters: distance or location and search relevance.

This update provided equitable grounds for local business owners to compete on regional levels. While Local SEO has been around for quite some time now, the rules are continuously changing. Most businesses and marketers aren’t yet aware of the extraordinary benefits that Local SEO can bring to the table. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about local SEO, its importance for local businesses, and some key benefits for improved rankings. 

Are you curious about local SEO and what benefits it can provide to your local business? Let’s jump right in! 

What is Local SEO?

It is a combination of techniques used to increase the visibility of your local business website. Properly implemented strategies will make your business appear higher in local searches regardless of what device they are on.

Local SEO is very helpful for small businesses because people make buying decisions mainly based on prominent suggestions and feedback from other consumers. Let’s say, you have a small Chinese restaurant. A person who wants to eat Chinese food will swiftly search for the “best Chinese restaurant’’ with a ‘’near me’’ filter. 

what is local seo

If your website is optimized well for local searches, it will appear on the screen among the local pack (top 3 business results) in Google algorithms. Here you will win the game if your business website has good ratings and positive feedback from other visitors of your restaurant. 

Next, the user will find it relatively easy to make up his mind and then visit your restaurant. 

Why is Local SEO Considered Important?

Most consumers are relying on the Internet to find services, products, and businesses, yet the search intent is local. To shed some more light on why local SEO is so important, here are a few facts.

  • Among all Google searches, 46% of them are for products, services, and other businesses in local regions. 
  • Per Google’s data, the search for ‘’open near me’’ increased by 400% in the year 2020-2021.
  • Approximately 96% of people read reviews about local businesses online.

Google keeps on tinkering with its rules and strategies to rank a website in search engine pages. You cannot rely on similar strategies every time.  So it is necessary to practice some proven local SEO strategies for your business. 

How Does Google Rank Local Businesses?

This question is quite important to address here. Mainly, Google determines the ranking of local businesses on the following three parameters.

  1. Distance: The physical concurrence of the user from the businesses.
  2. Relevance: The relevance of the user’s search.
  3. Distinction: The way your business stands out, with good reviews, ratings, and strong backlinks.

What are the Key Benefits Your Business Can Enjoy?

Local SEO is crucial for all local businesses. It provides tremendous benefits to compete with other businesses in local regions. 

Let’s briefly discuss the four important benefits that every local business can enjoy after implementing Local SEO the right way.

Better Online Presence and Targeted Traffic

Optimizing your website using relevant local keywords and phrases will help Google find your business and rank it in local searches. That means whenever a user searches for a particular product or service you offer, your site will appear on the search engine results pages  (SERPs). 

Furthermore, improved online presence and keyword relevancy will also attract the target audience. By using local SEO strategies, users living nearby will engage and your business will build relationships with customers.

Improved Conversions and Sales

With better visibility and customer engagement, you will start seeing improved results in the form of local leads, more conversions, and phone calls. All of this will result in your business moving the needle on growth and business performance. 

Enhanced Local Community and Improved Trust

When people start buying products or services from the local business, it helps build and strengthen the local community around that business. Your business provides them with a trustworthy and personalized experience; it gives off a good impression on your existing customers; and other prospects with similar interests can also be attracted to be made a functional part of the community.

A Healthy and Growing Sense of Competition

Local SEO will also make your brand more prominent and competitive. This way you will study your rivals in the local market – what they are offering, who are they trying to attract, and how unique their approach towards their customers is. Ultimately, presenting something amazing and more interesting to the local audience is the goal; and that can best be achieved if you analyze your competitors’ strategies a bit more closely than you do now. 

To sum up, as we move forward in this digital era, adapting ourselves to the ever-evolving digital landscape is a vital factor for survival and growth. 

Studying Google’s ranking parameters and implementing the right SEO strategies will be the key steps to skyrocketing your online presence. And by optimizing the local searches, you’ll not only be able to boost your presence but also build meaningful connections with local communities. 

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