3 Ways to Summon Free Organic Traffic to Website via Social Media


Organic traffic is the lifeblood of online success. It flows naturally, nourishing your website with genuine visitors who seek value, relevance, and connection. It is the only authentic pathway to growth, visibility, and lasting impact.

You are going to read three straightforward strategies that make sense, have been thoroughly tested, and have proven to drive generous traffic to your website from your own social media profiles.

Let’s get down to brass tacks:

How to Summon Free Organic Traffic to Website

1. Optimizing Your Social Media Profile

If you follow Brian Tracy (a thought leader, speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author), you will find that Brian has very clearly answered the four basic questions any curious mind may have about him:

  1. Who is he?
  2. What does he do?
  3. What’s one great thing about him?
  4. What does he help with?

But there is another catch. In fact, there are three of them:

A) Sift Out the Right Social Media Platform

Brian has about 2.7 million followers on his LinkedIn and Facebook. But his Instagram is not even half as crowded as FB and LI, with only 1M followers there.

Now, here’s the twist – Brian engages and posts just as frequently on Instagram as on Facebook or LinkedIn. So why is there a marginally lower following on Instagram than on Facebook?

The answer is simple – his audience is more active on Facebook and LinkedIn. This is why it is so important to sift out the right social media platform.

If you want to find out where your audience hangs around online, there are various tools for that. One such tool is SparkToro. This tool is effective enough to have become one of our research process’s integral parts. So we hope it helps you as well!

Once you have pinned down the platform where you need to be for your audience, it’s time you think about the image you want to portray.

B) Something is NOT Better than Everything

When it comes to ‘Profile Completion’, it’s either everything or nothing.

A complete profile with all its sections dazzling with valuable information provides the complete guide a follower needs. It helps answer all the questions your followers may have at different times and naturally builds a sense of trust and credibility.

Again, taking a look at Brian’s profile above will help you see what profile completion means.

C) Tantalize With Visuals

So many businesses often make the mistake of not remaining consistent with their visuals.

They upload images or videos with inconsistent themes and designs, making their brand image look waffling and, well, unconvincing.

Now that’s all about the first strategy to summon free organic traffic to the website. When you have a strong social media presence and your website is prominently waiting on top of your profile to get clicked – it will help get free traffic.

Once free traffic starts rolling in, you can rely much lesser on search engine marketing and paid advertising, and reap visits out of your social media marketing strategies.

2. Create a Phenomenal Content Strategy

There is no compromise on content quality!

Your social media content better be phenomenal. Because if it’s anything less than phenomenal, it’ll get lost in the abyss of mediocrity. You don’t want to be just another forgettable post scrolling past people’s screens. You want to make an impact, leave a lasting impression, and make people stop dead in their tracks.

In this crowded digital landscape, where attention spans are shorter than ever, you can only break through the noise with content that grabs people by the collar and demands their attention.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the social media marketing content strategy:

A) Frequency

In case you are wondering “How often should I post on Facebook”, the best answer is 3-5 posts per week.

The frequency of your content marketing should be optimal enough to maintain both quality and quantity.

B) Content Mix

If you always share the same industry news or if you always talk on the topics you are an expert at, your content becomes an ‘understood spam’.

This refers to something that may not meet the technical definition of spam but is considered unsolicited, repeated or low-quality by the recipients – and thus ignored.

Thus, the best strategy to keep audience’s curiosity alive for your posts is to share content mix that sparks different moods in the audience.

C) Share User-Generated Content

Imagine Coca-Cola sharing one of your snaps where you had a coke on your office table. You will feel appreciated. You will be excited to read all the comments people leave on this post. You will become a loyal customer instantly.

On the other hand, others seeing and liking the post may also feel a desire of being featured. They will start uploading content for Coke to share – thus getting two for the price of one!

If you are a startup and want to formulate a winning strategy, have a look at 7 actionable content marketing strategies in our blogs section.

3. Organic Traffic vs Clear Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

So far, you have planned everything great!

You have planned interactive content, amazing offers and discounts, and may be some giveaways as well… But unless your Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are strategic, and redirect the audience to your website, the main goal of reading and implementing this blog will remain unfulfilled.

One such example of the Power of CTAs was the Obama Presidential Campaign (2008). The Obama campaign is widely known for its effective use of CTAs. By modifying the text on their donation buttons from “Learn More” to “I’m In,” they experienced a substantial increase in conversions. The new CTA conveyed a sense of personal commitment, resulting in a 5.6% boost in sign-ups and an additional $60 million in donations.

Now, surely the internet is full of ways to get organic traffic to your website, but what good is a traffic that doesn’t convert? What good is a huge bounce rate? What’s good in putting efforts on your social media marketing when your website has some lurking reasons that shoo away anyone who visits.

In case you want to find all the repulsive factors and improve your website’s SEO content, Design, and Branding, feel free to explore these services.

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